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Sollors, Werner

New Directions in German-American Studies

ISSN: 1524-7813

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It is the purpose of this series to subject the large topic of German-America to new critical scrutiny. It does so as an international collaborative effort among scholars in disciplines ranging from modern languages to political history, from American Studies to anthropology, who present independently conceived publications as part of the larger project. Reimagined as part of multilingual America, the new examinations of the German-American tradition in this series offer not only new approaches to German-American studies, but they also force new thinking about what constitutes “German literature” and what have been the defining, though too little recognized, multilingual features of “American literature."

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New World View

Cape, Ruth I. (ed.)

New World View

Letters from a German Immigrant Family in Texas (1854-1885)

Volume 7

Year of Publication: 2014

ISBN 978-1-4331-2652-9 hb.

Kuno Francke's Edition of <I>The German Classics</I> (1913-15)

Sammons, Jeffrey L.

Kuno Francke's Edition of The German Classics (1913-15)

A Critical and Historical Overview

Volume 6

Year of Publication: 2009

ISBN 978-1-4331-0677-4 hardback

Invisible Woman

Hügel-Marshall, Ika

Invisible Woman

Growing Up Black in Germany
New Edition
Translated by Elizabeth Gaffney

Volume 5

Year of Publication: 2008

ISBN 978-1-4331-0278-3 pb.

Between Natives and Foreigners

Mehring, Frank (ed.)

Between Natives and Foreigners

Selected Writings of Karl/Charles Follen (1796-1840)

Volume 4

Year of Publication: 2007

ISBN 978-0-8204-9732-7 hardback

Anton in America

Solger, Reinhold

Anton in America

A Novel from German-American Life
Translated by Lorie A. Vanchena

Volume 3

Year of Publication: 2006

ISBN 978-0-8204-7847-0 hardback

German? American? Literature?

Fluck, Winfried / Sollors, Werner (eds.)

German? American? Literature?

New Directions in German-American Studies

Volume 2

Year of Publication: 2002

ISBN 978-0-8204-5229-6 hardback

Radical Passion

Assing, Ottilie

Radical Passion

Ottilie Assing's Reports from America and Letters to Frederick Douglass
Edited, Translated, and Introduced by Christoph Lohmann

Volume 1

Year of Publication: 1999

ISBN 978-0-8204-4526-7 pb.


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