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Studies in Biblical Hebrew

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Studies in Biblical Hebrew is series of monographs designed to promote and publish topical research into the Hebrew of the Old Testament. The series does not assume that Biblical Hebrew is a form of the Aramaic languages (Canaanite) spoken from c. 1200 B.C. to c. 200 B.C., given standardized form only later and then perpetuated as a fixed literary medium. The focus of the series is specifically the corpus of the Old Testament, since the composition and compilation of these writings continue to generate major interest worldwide for reasons historical and academic, as well as religious. The series is devoted to fresh philological, syntactical, and linguistic study of the language of the Hebrew canon, with the subsidiary aim of displaying the contribution of such study to informed and accurate exegesis. Research into the broader evidence of the period, including inscriptional materials, is welcome, provided the results are cast in terms of their particular bearing upon Biblical (classical) Hebrew.

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Grammar of Biblical Hebrew

Schneider, Wolfgang

Grammar of Biblical Hebrew

Translated and Revised by Randall L. McKinion

Volume 1

Year of Publication: 2015

ISBN 978-1-4331-2528-7 hb.


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