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Moebius, William

Studies in Children's Literature

ISSN: 1531-3964

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This series will feature the work of leading and emerging scholars in children's literature who situate their study in an international literacy, cultural, and linguistic context, drawing on tools of historical research and theoretical paradigms from various disciplines, but offering new aesthetic frameworks as well as detailes textual analysis for the understanding of a literary phenomenon of enormous scope and power. The purpose of such a series is to expand dialogue among students and scholars of children's literature; questioning critical assumptions, including the notion of children's literature itself; opening new areas of inquiry; and advancing the serious exploration of that which is ostensibly written for the child.

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Diana Wynne Jones

Rosenberg, Teya / Hixon, Martha P. / Scapple, Sharon M. / White, Donna R. (eds.)

Diana Wynne Jones

An Exciting and Exacting Wisdom

Volume 1

Year of Publication: 2002

ISBN 978-0-8204-5687-4 pb.


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