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This series treats such issues as art es a social phenomenon, categories of aesthetic analysis, social origins of taste, mathematical aspects of aesthetic analysis, and the material basis of cultural change. Contributors include distinguished scholars from Russia and other East European countries.

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Stenberg, Douglas Graham

From Stanislavsky to Gorbachev

The Theater-Studios of Leningrad

Volume 4

Year of Publication: 1995

ISBN 978-0-8204-2285-5 hardback


Ambros, Veronika

Pavel Kohout und die Metamorphosen des sozialistischen Realismus

Volume 3

Year of Publication: 1993

ISBN 978-0-8204-2015-8 hardback


Rifkin, Benjamin

Semiotics of Narration in Film and Prose Fiction

Case Studies of Scarecrow and My Friend Ivan Lapshin

Volume 2

Year of Publication: 1994

ISBN 978-0-8204-1995-4 hardback


Howell, Yvonne

Apocalyptic Realism

The Science Fiction of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Volume 1

Year of Publication: 1994

ISBN 978-0-8204-1962-6 hardback


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