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Series 19: General Literature

ISSN: 0743-6645

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The books within this series include a broad range of topics within the category of general literature. Typically, they are excellent monographs that have been subjected to a rigorous peer-review process. They tend to be written on topics that would not be suitable for our more specific series within each discipline. Many of the titles have won national and international awards. These books can be found in university library collections around the world.

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Socialist Literature

Al-Dabbagh, Abdulla

Socialist Literature

Theory and Practice

Volume 39

Year of Publication: 2012

ISBN 978-1-4331-1673-5 hb.
ISBN 978-1-4539-0221-9 (eBook)

Approaches to Homer's <I>Iliad</I> and <I>Odyssey</I>

Myrsiades, Kostas (ed.)

Approaches to Homer's Iliad and Odyssey

Volume 38

Year of Publication: 2010

ISBN 978-1-4331-0885-3 hardback

Flannery O'Connor and Teilhard de Chardin

Watkins, Steven R.

Flannery O'Connor and Teilhard de Chardin

A Journey Together Towards Hope and Understanding About Life

Volume 37

Year of Publication: 2009

ISBN 978-1-4331-0666-8 hb.

Arcadian Waters and Wanton Seas

Neset, Arne

Arcadian Waters and Wanton Seas

The Iconology of Waterscapes in Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Culture

Volume 36

Year of Publication: 2009

ISBN 978-1-4331-0297-4 hardback


Jones, Ilse Nesbitt (ed./transl.)

Five Texts in Etruscan

Early Gothic Language of Tyrrhenians and Ancient Jutes
Edited and Translated by Ilse Nesbitt Jones

Volume 35

Year of Publication: 2002

ISBN 978-0-8204-4025-5 hardback


Bresky, Dushan / Malik, Miroslav

Literary Practice

Volume III
Esthetics of Literary Subjects

Volume 34

Year of Publication: 2002

ISBN 978-0-8204-5519-8 hardback


Nelles, William


Narrative Levels and Embedded Narrative

Volume 33

Year of Publication: 1997

ISBN 978-0-8204-3039-3 hardback


Baker, Richard E.

The Dynamics of the Absurd in the Existentialist Novel

Volume 31

Year of Publication: 1993

ISBN 978-0-8204-2079-0 hardback


Szaluta, Jacques


Theory and Practice
Second Printing

Volume 30

Year of Publication: 2001

ISBN 978-0-8204-4967-8 pb.


Ru, Yi-Ling

The Family Novel

Toward a Generic Definition

Volume 28

Year of Publication: 1992

ISBN 978-0-8204-1567-3 hardback

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