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Older Workers in a Sustainable Society

Ennals, Richard / Salomon, Robert H. (eds.)

Older Workers in a Sustainable Society

Series: Arbeit, Bildung & Gesellschaft / Labour, Education & Society - Volume 21

Year of Publication: 2011

Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2011. 292 pp., num. fig. and tables
ISBN 978-3-631-61480-8 hb.  (Hardcover)

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Book synopsis

The challenges of an ageing population and workforce are increasingly recognised by policy makers, managers and workers in many countries. In this book, prominent researchers address these challenges. It deals with health and workability, and gives data and viewpoints on competitive advantages and disadvantages of older workers. The study includes data on attitudes, specific measures and policies from many parts of the world: Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Singapore. The authors present a variety of interesting examples of measures used in workplaces, to motivate and enable workers to stay longer in working life. This book is an encounter between research and policy: it contributes to the discussion of policies related to older workers.


Contents: Åsmund Lunde: Why Publish a Book on Older Workers? – Richard Ennals/Robert H. Salomon: Editors Introduction – Juhani Ilmarinen: Research Challenges for Older Workers – Beatrice I.J.M. van der Heijden/Annet H. de Lange: Employability Across the Life-Span: Towards new Pathways for Age Research – Elizabeth Brooke: Productivity and the Ageing Body: Occupational Processes and Age Stereotypes – Hélène Mountford/Peter A. Murray: Theoretical Perspectives of Older Workers: Integrating Human Resource Management Practices with Resource-based Strategies – Ines Monteiro/Luciana Tiemi Kuranishi-Ferreira: Taxi Drivers Working in a large City in Brazil: Good News from Practice – Joanne O. Crawford: Health, Safety and Health Promotion; Taking Evidence into Practice – Robert H. Salomon/Anne Inga Hilsen: A Three Phase Perspective on Senior Policies – Reidar J. Mykletun/Trude Furunes: The Ageing Workforce Management Programme in Vattenfall AB Nordic, Sweden – Trude Furunes/Reidar J. Mykletun: Managers’ Decision Latitude for Age Management: Do Managers and Employees Have the same (implicit) Understanding? – Tove Midtsundstad/Hanne Bogen: How the Worker Collective may Moderate Active Ageing Policy and its Outcomes – Susan P. Chen/Reidar J. Mykletun: Post-merger Downsizing: Exploring the ‘Survivor-victim Syndrome’ in an Ageing Workforce and Knowledge-based Economy – Kerstin Nilsson: Attitudes of Managers and Older Employees to each other and the Effects on the Decision to Extend Working Life – Helen Ko: Extending Working Life: Individuals’ Responses, Attitudes and Practices of Employers in Singapore – Graham Smith: Realising Your Potential: Supporting Older Workers through Learning – Dennis Dittric/Victoria Büsch/Frank Micheel: Working beyond Retirement Age in Germany: The Employee’s Perspective – Knut Røed: Economic and Social Incentives for Viable Age Policies – Kristin Reichborn-Kjennerud/Migle Gamperiene/Anne Inga Hilsen:«Make me an Offer I Can’t Refuse» - Do Extra Days off Contribute to Seniors Staying at Work longer? – Philip Taylor: Is Early Retirement History? – Chris Phillipson: Extending Working Life and Re-defining Retirement: Problems and Challenges for Social Policy – Richard Ennals/Anne Inga Hilsen: Older Workers: The Jam in the Sandwich – Rhonda Schlaadt/Alexander Sibbald: Retirement in 2025: Change and Individual Choice: a New Zealand Delphi Study – Per Erik Solem: Ageism and Discrimination of Older Workers in Norway – Richard Ennals/Robert H. Salomon: Concluding Remarks from the Editors.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

Richard Ennals is Professor of Corporate Responsibility and Working Life at Kingston Businesss School, Kingston University (UK), and a Visiting Professor at Agder University (Norway).
Robert H. Salomon is a sociologist, senior researcher and former director of the Work Research Institute, Oslo. His research interests are on inclusive work life, work environment and conflict resolution at the work place.


Labour, Education & Society. Vol. 21
Editor in charge: Anne Inga Hilsen